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Fawn Meadow

Age Group: 5 to 12 Years

Fawn Meadow is our 'Before and After School' room!

The focus of Fawn Meadow is to enhance and extend the material that the children are covering in school in a fun manner. In order to achieve this the children are introduced to new card and board games that work on increasing their literacy, numeracy, and co-operative skills. There is also time scheduled in for homework completion, stories, arts & crafts, imaginitative play, and of course outdoor time!

The children of Fawn Meadow have decided that there only needs to be one agreement that needs to be followed in order to make this a fun, engaging, and cooperative environment for all of us: "Be a bucket filler!" If we think about our words and actions in order to ensure that they will 'fill a bucket' instead of 'empty a bucket', we show that we are role models for Mountain Munchkins by demonstrating positive interactions!


Know your child's room!

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