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Eaglet Ridge

Age Group: 2 1/2 to 3 Years

Welcome to the Eaglet Ridge Room!

In the Eaglet Room, our children are between the ages of two and half to three years old. At this age, we give importance on potty training, colours and shapes, as well as, numbers and letters of the alphabet as they are basic stepping stones in learning. Our activities are geared toward gaining self-confidence and self-esteem, developing listening skills, taking turns and following directions. Our games help us develop social skills.

For gross motor skills, we have outdoor play as well as gym time. And how we all love to dance! Fine motor skills as well as our eye-hand coordination are strengthened and developed as we do puzzles, lacing, cutting papers, colouring, and doing lots of arts and crafts. Communication skills are given importance during circle time as we learn new words and are encouraged to express ourselves so our friends and teachers understand us.

Music is very much a part of our day, aside from dancing, we also like to sing and learn poems. Our dress-up corner is important for our imaginative skills. We also learn important life skills like cooperation in playing with friends and sharing our toys. We also learn to clean up and put away our plates after a meal. We are a busy bunch and we have lots of fun being the energetic Eaglets!

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