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Age Group: 3 to 4 1/2 Years

Brenner Pathway, a writer of an article titled “The Power of Positive Language (2010), quotes in his article a woman named Dr. Maria Montessori, who states that, “The use of positive language changes a parent or teacher from being a nag, or a scold into a mentor, a coach.”

As caregivers and teachers (there are two of us) in the Cub Canyon classroom at Mountain Munchkin Daycare, we encourage and demonstrate positive reinforcement every day. We encourage children to express themselves, problem solve, and make their own decisions through the use of positive language. Our classroom also integrates ALL children and being exclusive is not an option or even a thought!

The Cubs have learned to sing the Alphabet, are able to demonstrate the actions and sounds of the letters through the use of Jolly Phonics. The Cubs also are learning about self-value and are learning to express themselves using words. This allows them to gain positive feelings about themselves and their classmates.

Our goal as teachers is to put forth the child’s needs and help integrate the child as a whole. As Brenner Pathways shares his wise words in his article, he says “Before we pass judgment on others, before we lecture or scold, Dr. Montessori asked us to stop and answer these three questions about our own words:

Is it true?

Is it necessary?

Is it Kind?

As teachers, and caregivers this reflects what goes through our minds on a daily basis, therefore I would encourage that after reading this statement you will think about it too.

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