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Big Kid Trail

Age Group: 4 1/2 to 6 Years

Big Kid Trail has children aged 4 to 6.

In this room, the children are treated as individuals who can make their own decisions. The weekly themes are based around the childrens interests and needs, and  lessons are planned in such a way that the children are learning in a fun and personally meaningful way. For any given activity, several choices are provided in order to encourage personal accountability.

The room is divided into separate learning centers and the children get to interact with different friends as spend their free-play time. Each centre has been carefully designed so that the children are constantly constructing their own knowledge through the use of hands-on activities.

Big Kid Trail has also implemented a daily phonics program that has been successful in fostering early literacy. Many of the children are now reading more than twenty words. The Handwriting Without Tears program is also used each afternoon in order to improve printing skills. In addition to literacy, the daily program also incorporates story-time, numbers, science, art, music, and outdoor play.

In this room, positive reinforcement as well as several shared rewards programs are the main behavioral management strategies. We find that, by removing negative language, we can better promote a positive attitude towards learning. Ever since this strategy has been put into place, parents have commented on their child’s increased desire to go to daycare each day.

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