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Our programs include Music Sessions, Mathematics/Measurement, Whole Child, Nature/GEO Awareness, Reading and Community/Global Consciousness.


Our program has a music time every Thursday with Corina, a music therapist. Each individual group from babies to pre-schooler has a music class. The babies’ class runs for 20 minutes up to the preschooler class running for 45 minutes. We believe that music is a powerful medium for learning with huge mathematics components within rhythm and beats etc. Plus music and dance are an excellent medium for the children to express themselves.


A program is: activities, centers, flexible planning, an engaging environment, and a wide range of experiences, and activities that are child centered, which are based on observations of children’s development, seasons and special yearly events.

“A meaningful curriculum supports the development of children through cognitive, language, values, social, emotional, creative, physical and aesthetic activities. Active exploration of the environment comprises the majority of each child’s time at the Centre. Caregivers provide opportunities for individual, and small and large group experiences to enhance the child’s own choices, and direct their own learning throughout the day.” - National Association for the Education of Young Children – NAEYC.

This quote describes our goal for our program. The specifics of how we do this are listed below:

Program Organization

Our atmosphere should be fun, interesting, caring and supportive of the child’s self-esteem, trust and independence. We are a child-centered program. To a large degree, the child’s needs and interests are what shape our program and activities.

We try to provide a mixture of adult-initiated and child-initiated activities. The children are offered choices whenever possible between planned activities and their own choices.


CreativEmotion is being developed in association with nationally recognized teacher Kimberly Tuson. With over 20 years of experience, Kimberly specializes in reaching the spirit of the child through the joy of movement.

CreativEmotion is a unique, holistic program that inspires children to express themselves through movement. Taught as an art form, it focuses on developing coordination, agility, balance, strength and flexibility through sound/movement principles and creativity.

CreativEmotion promotes self-discovery while engaging the child's body, mind and spirit in a supportive, nurturing environment.  

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